Wheel of Fortune is the first book in The Tarnished Crown series spanning the turbulent years of the fifteenth-century Wars of the Roses.

The Earl looked dispassionately at the boy still kneeling by his uncle’s body. “He bears his family’s shame; he is nothing.” He turned his back and stood for a moment contemplating the blank face of the sky. Then he breathed out, a long breath it seemed, held for an eternity. “It is done,” he said. “Justice is served.”

It’s 1469. England is in turmoil. For almost ten years, the charismatic Edward IV has ruled with the Earl of Warwick’s support, but now rebellion threatens the fragile peace.

Strong-willed and determined, Isobel Fenton is resolved that nothing will separate her from her beloved manor of Beaumancote – even if it means marrying Thomas Lacey.

But Isobel is unaware of the importance she and her land represent, nor of the agenda of the formidable Earl in whose care she finds herself.

As unrest boils into war Isobel is drawn into the very heart of the conflict. Can she escape from the web in which she is trapped, and will she ever find her way home?

Wheel of Fortune is out 20/05/20. Please visit the  Resolute Books website for buying options.