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Writing Through Lockdown

  I’m gardening my way through lockdown. Here in the South-West a stone’s throw from the sea, I’m fighting weeds and sticky clay while battling with the next scene for my historical novel, acutely aware I’m fortunate to be able to do so.Lockdown has removed many everyday distractions; I’m less on Social Media and relish the quiet. The sea’s growl upon the shore has replaced the roar of motorbikes racing along the coast roa

There are practical issues to tackle as well as personal. Like many, buying food is proving tricky, but is nothing compared to the plight of my husband recovering from Corvid-19 alone on the other side of the country. 

Nature will not be rushed. Getting close up and personal with my garden is one of the best ways I know to focus on what matters. It’s here that I do my thinking: cogitate life’s mysteries, pray, compose and plot. I plant for the future in the belief that there will be one and it is a poignant reminder that our forebears did much the same through plague and pandemic.  I think of writing in much the same way: although I might never know the outcome my words might have, I sow them just the same.


I’m currently editing Degree of Affinity, the second book in The Tarnished Crown trilogy set during the turbulent years of the Wars of the Roses. Published by Lion Fiction, the first book – Wheel of Fortune – is due for release in January, 2021.

This article first appeared in ACW online.